"New-Method" No. 3

We have published the email bulletin "New-Method" with our works and a
guest contribution, and this third issue features the illustrator Jun
Tsuzuki for the contributor, who supervised "History of Japanese
Illustration" published recently.


New-Method / New Eidos
Jun Tsuzuki (Illustrator)

It is nothing valuable if one picks up a problem obvious to anyone and
states it as a problem.  It is valuable only if one discovers a
problem hitherto assumed by no one and keeps thinking about it.  The
thought can be valuable as it is driven by will and duty.

It is impossible to explain a problem.  One thinks about it because
one cannot explain it to oneself, and there should be no thought if
explanation is possible.  Still one can imply that one is thinking
about it.  There will be a trace of thought tying to explain it.

Then, is logic identical to thought?  Logic is not thought but
processing.  If it has an input "A is B," it will output "A is B".  No
matter how complex its procedures are, it is not thought but an
automatic process.  No matter how complex its procedures are, it can
be reduced into simple propositions.  I am writing this text with
thinking about what logic is.

Then, is life identical to thought?  Life is not thought but
processing.  So, is life same as logic?  The process of logic has no
deviations while the process of life has them.  The process of logic
will draw lines or circles while the process of life will draw
spirals.  I am writing this text with thinking about how life differs
from logic.

These texts are what I wrote on logic and life, as well as being a
trace of my thought on New-Method and New Eidos.

cf. About New Eidos http://7x7whitebell.net/new-method/neweidos_e.html

[Web Works of the New-Methodicists]

- Takahiro Hirama
A figure with only position, without length, area and volume.
The position is the place where a thing is located.
The length is the amount to measure spatial distance between two points.
The area is the amount to express the size of a shape within a flat or
curved surface.
The volume is the amount to express how much of three-dimensional
space an object occupies.
The figure is the various shape to fulfill certain conditions.

- Shogo Baba
72845 prime numbers displayed as Unicode
Unicode, a character encoding, is a concept, so too is HTML.
Unicode allocates all the possible characters all over the world to
the numbers listed from 1 to 921599 (decimal base).
On the web browser that puts semantic contents prior to our
perception, displaying the prime numbers within the list does not
differ at all from doing the same in Unicode as a numerical sequence.
(Although this work is composed to be encoded as UTF-8, it does not
matter which encoding is applied.)

- Hideki Nakazawa
Source and Execution No. 8 - 13
Presentation of permutations or combinations is nothing but a
consequence of simple and honest execution of the tautology.  While
paying homage to the works of permutations or combinations by
minimalists and others in the previous century, Methodicists or
New-Methodicists intend to complete the thoroughly simple and honest
tautology by revealing its logic and expelling its aura.  In six works
exhibited here, "Source," not poetic instruction, will correspond to
the revealing of the logic, and "Execution" by web browsers, not human
handwork, will correspond to the expelling of the aura.


- "New-Method at VACANT" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlvLNi7VBA4
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[Editor's Note]

How was the third issue of "New-Method"?  If you're interested in
Mr.Tsuzuki's contribution, please check his Twitter account
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exhibition (in Japanese only, though).  (Kaido)

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